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Digital change leadership within an industrial context




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Apr 21, 2020

10:00 PM

45 minutes

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Speaker(s) / Trainer(s) / Coach(es)


Michael Maeder




Michael is Cofounder & Managing Partner of Ward Howell International in China and IOT ONE. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the German Chamber of Commerce in East China. Born in China, German by origin and with combined work experience in 6 countries spread over 2 continents, Michael is a true global citizen dedicated to cross-cultural cooperation. Having started his career in supply chain consulting, Michael later has co-founded an award-winning Human Resources Services practice in China. As Consultant Michael supports clients across their Leadership and Organisational Development challenges in China and broader Asia. Michael is frequent keynote speaker on panels, conferences and seminars on topics around Leadership & Organization and Industrial Digital Transformation in China and broader Asia. For such occasions, he is retained by organizations such as the German, European Union and Australian Chamber of Commerce. He has co-authored the reference work "Human Resources in China" (ISBN 978-3-642-18208-2) and published a variety of articles for publications on Human Resources in Greater China. His current research explores effective leadership and organization in the context of digital transformation. Michael holds a B.Sc. in International Business from Maastricht University and graduated with a M.Sc. CEMS with distinction in International Management from Rotterdam School of Management.


Dr. Ulrich Faisst

Digital Transformation Officer



Dr. Ulrich Faisst is Digital Transformation Officer at Trumpf. He coordinates all digitization projects and leads the Trumpf group of companies into a digital future. As the central integration authority, he implements the digital transformation of the family business. Prior to joining Trumpf, Dr. Ulrich Faisst held various Executive roles at Zeiss, most recently as Digital Transformation Officer. He started his career as Project Manager for Bain and the Fraunhofer FIT.


Dr. Markus Anding

Managing Director



Dr. Markus Anding is Managing Director of Excubate. Together with his team, he has specialized in supporting companies' digital transformation and the development and implementation of new business models - from ideation to company building. Here he focuses, among other things, on companies in the industrial, mechanical engineering and technology environment and is especially committed to the development of service-based business models. Additionally, the evolution of leadership roles in the digitized and agile environment is one of his focus topics. Prior to founding Excubate, Markus Anding spent 12 years at Bain & Company and founded several startups in the software and real estate industries.

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