Driving Value with a Manufacturing 4.0 Platform Strategy.






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Ryan Lanham



Ryan Lanham is the IT Manager for Dynomax, Inc., a rapidly growing Aerospace company. In his role, he is responsible for deployment, operations and optimizing the IT infrastructure for the growing needs of the company. He is responsible for understanding the business requirements and translating them into a robust and non-redundant infrastructure. Therefore, he applies a mix of technical experience and infrastructure skills to deliver an optimized and more streamlined solution that achieves best practice and drives operational efficiencies across all facilities. On a day to day basis, Ryan ensures that consistent communication takes place at all levels, informing of progress, problems and solutions while providing guidance to staff and executives for opportunities regarding new technology and efficiency improvements. During is 10-year tenure at Dynomax, he has grown into a visionary and leader for smart manufacturing technologies. Under his leadership in IT, the company has achieved productivity gains of up to 20% in only three months. Under his IT leadership in Industrial IoT implementation, Dynomax is positioned for growth and bottom-line results. LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-lanham-4358b92a/