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Digital pioneers are one step ahead, especially during the crisis. 

A key factor for a successful Digital Transformation is to understand current technologies and their possibilities.

This is why we enable free access to the NEXCON top Keynotes on a wide range of Smart Factory technologies until October 31. From Microsoft's Cloud Platform and Artificial Intelligence in the industrial environment to Predictive Maintenance with the help of Blockchain: dive in and get started!

Included Keynotes:

Microsoft and Siemens
Intelligent Factories Applied

Sebastian Seutter, Industry Lead Manufacturing
Dennis Zwetschke, Head of Production Engineering

Fraunhofer IPA
Open the Black Box: Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marco Huber, Head of CCI

Data-Driven Optimization of Operations
Simon Klink, Principal

Universal Machine Monitoring
Stephan Noller, CEO

Meet Your Next Colleagues: Artificial Agents
Dr. Sebastian Denef, CEO & Co-Founder

Syndikat 7
Digitalization Framework - Why Every Company Needs It
Mario Beiser, CEO & Founder

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Free access to top TECH Keynotes

including Microsoft, Fraunhofer and many more