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NEONEX considers Smart Factory to be the best possible combination of people, processes and IT technology. In his speech Dr. Peter Stephan will be talking about the way, how to get establishing of IT Infrastructure for operations supply chain right.

Key topics to be covered in the keynote:

  • IT Health Check and its importance

  • MES selection process

  • IIoT platform setup

Speaker(s) / Trainer(s) / Coach(es)

Dr. Peter Stephan

Senior Partner & Co-Founder


PhD in Contextadaptive Automation, Mechanical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.)​

  • Realization of Industrie 4.0 strategy and use-cases within logistics, production planning, maintenance and asset management​

  • Leading of international Industrie 4.0 consulting projects in mechanical engineering, electronic and communication and defense industry​

  • Development of digital product features and aligned business models focusing Smart Factory and Smart Products​

  • Dept. Head R&D Field of “Cyber-Physical-Systems”, WITTENSTEIN SE​

  • Team Leader “Information Management”, German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)