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Sebastian Seutter

Industry Lead Manufacturing


"I believe that digitalization will re-make industries and new eco-systems will be created! Thus, I am passionate about building trusted relationships and leverage those to guide leadership and business transformation journeys, with a focus on innovation and building capacity. Here, I have the privilege of guiding Microsoft’s Manufacturing and Resources efforts and customers as Director Strategy and Business Development." "Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 (the next phase of industrial revolution) are changing the way we all think about the future of operations, value chains and more. This is a time when new technology-led capabilities and insights will fundamentally change how businesses are run, how value is created and delivered, how individuals learn, grow and are productive."

Dennis Zwetschke

Head of Production Engineering


  • Head of Production Engineering and Data Analytics (Oct. 2016–present) Berlin, Germany 

  • Department head Test Technology (March 2015–Sep. 2016) Berlin, Germany 

  • Projectmanager MF – Test Equipment Best-in-Class 2020 (June 2014–March 2015) 

  • Projectmanager R&D (June 2011–May 2014) Berlin, Germany 

  • Application / software developer (Oct. 2006–May 2011) Berlin, Germany