NEXCON ist die führende Smart Factory-Plattform und bietet Entscheidungsträgern Know-how und Qualifikation.

Konferenzen, Seminare, Coaching und Expertengespräche:

Alles in einem Konto.

Nur online.

24/7 verfügbar.

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NEXCON ist die führende Smart Factory Plattform.

Geboten wird Wissen und Qualifizierung für Entscheidungsträger. 

Anschauen, lernen und implementieren

Lassen Sie sich inspirieren von den neusten Smart Factory Trends und Erfolgsgeschichten. Lernen Sie von internationalen Experten und Vordenkern. Erkennen Sie Tücken bei der praktischen Umsetzung. 

1 Jahr, 20 Events, 79 €

Im Jahr 2020 wird NEXCON verschiedene Konferenzen mit regionalem Fokus, Seminare, Coaching Sessions und Expertengespräche ausrichten. 

Treten Sie für 79 € bei.

Qualifizierung für das ganze Team ab 299 €.

Kostenlos Ausprobieren

Sehen Sie sich einige On-Demand-Inhalte kostenlos an.


365 Tage Inhalt

Nach den Events bleibt der gesamte Inhalt online verfügbar.

Smart Factory wo immer Sie auch sind. So oft wie Sie möchten. Komplett virtuell.





NEXCON beinhaltet ...


Factory videos and Success Stories from all over the world will be available during the conferences and post-event on-demand plus as single publishings.

NEONEX Academy Seminars

The seminars are available across all time zones and held by experts from NEONEX and its partners. All levels from beginner to expert are covered.

Exhibition Hall

Virtual booths of market leading

companies and innovative startups representing different

areas of Smart Manufacturing. Download area and job postings available all year.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions address different parts of digital transformation to give a complete picture of trends in Industry 4.0.

Networking Lounge

Live networking during all conferences. All year Q&As and blog posts possible.

Expert Talks

We invite experts to talk about a variety of topics. This is your chance to let experts answer your questions.


Smart Factory Transformation

Success Stories from implementing companies and service providers

Market Intelligence

Expertise on the current state of the Smart Factory market

Leadership 4.0

Leadership approaches and soft skills essential for Digital Transformation

Inspiration / Vision

Theories, visions and eye-opening initiatives from related fields

Tech Dive

Cutting-edge implemented solutions from the fields of CPPS, AR/VR, Man-Machine Collaboration, AI, and Blockchain for industrial application


International B2B Meeting Point on Smart Manufacturing

Meet high-level participants from DACH countries, China and all over the world.

Live networking 


Interact live with other visitors, exhibitors and speakers via text, audio or video chat.

Experience &

Know-how sharing

Sharing experiences and ideas has never been easier – NEXCON offers the features to access the live event from anywhere you are!

Cost- &

time saving 

Save travel time as well as accommodation and catering costs. 

Unique live program

Watch keynotes in the auditorium, meet all speakers for live Q&A sessions, take part in the program and explore new products and solutions at the exhibitor booths.

Excellent feedback after last NEXCON

See references above for more details.


Personal profile

Create your personal profile for internal messages and easy v-card exchange. You can also add your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter account.

Individual Agenda

Set up your personal agenda in order to keep track of keynotes and booth program you are interested in.

Live Interaction

Chat with exhibitors at their booth, speakers after their keynote and other visitors in the networking lounge. Use text, audio or even video chat - no plug ins or downloads required.



Web browser based

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